How I Sculpt My Day (Audio)

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~ Aristotle

I was recently interviewed for a new program called Day Sculpting, where I share my approach for sculpting and creating a great day.

In it, I am asked these two questions.

- What is a daily ritual or habit that you engage in that helps you create a great day everyday?

- What did you have to go through for it to become a daily habit? Can you remember the point where the switch flipped inside of you?

Enjoy the call, and please comment & share YOUR answers to these two questions below.


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  1. Sharon Corsaro
    May 4, 2011 at 9:13 pm #

    Hi Jim,
    Just want to say, thanks for sharing this. You have such a great grounding about you, it comes through as you talk, and share your presence, and I want to simply say thank you for that. I really appreciate your work. We met at Author 101 in LA not long ago, I talked with you briefly at the very end of the wknd standing out near the VIP room. It’s great to hear you here. All my best to you ~

  2. Jack L. Davis
    January 16, 2012 at 8:16 am #

    Would you mind telling me where on the web page is the link for the audio “How I Sculpt My Day (Audio)”?
    Thank you

  3. ZIGGY
    January 16, 2012 at 7:08 pm #

    great and valuable point(s) in self mastery.

    I have developed my understanding which I would like to share with u guys.
    One thing which I realized is that everything is ineterralated and therefore conditional.One person can go in the direction he/she choces
    because there r external conditions which allow him/her to move in that direction and also because there r internal values, believes and programmings which allow that person to choce the direction, especially when the person already has skills supporting him/her.

    The role of TRUE SPIRITUAL TEACHER/ GUIDE is to help the person to recognize in which direction the spirit guides him/her, what r person’s values, believes and programmings.
    The best way, in my understanding, is when the person goes within and reaches the mind where his/ her values, and programmining r located and operate.(NLP claims that but is misleading as does not go to that depths of ones being I have in mind)
    Here we go to the practice and therefore habits and developing habits.
    The practice to reach the depth of ur being is in opposite direction to what we do in order to be happy. ( we do and not do things because we long for happiness) In my view we long for (longing cames from the spirit)fulfilment, TRUTH, FREEDOM and LOVE and experiencing CONSCIOUSNESS.
    Once one experiences them one is ALIVE. The spirit knows their existence AND OUR BIRTHRIGHT to be in that state of being when one knows to be these “THINGS”
    One of the practice or part of the practice is to be sober, sober in physical reality and the mind, both intellectualizing and emotional mind
    and focus on a few specific practices which guides the mind inwards.

    Being sober physically also means purifying the body including fastings
    When certain stage of purification is reached the mind goes inward naturally. At this stage practitioner needs support as he starts being guided by his/ her conscousness. Working, socializing, etc is counterproducive to the process.

    The “things” starts revealing itself to that person.
    He/ she knows by knowing directly of WHAT IS.

    Nowadays we live at times of intellectualizing which helps us on one level and is mesleading us terribly when looking at the issue from another level.
    To be able to practice what I have in mind we people, would have to establish a centre(s) for such practices and only for those who want to go on that path. ( There was a buddhist monk who said that it is the West which comes with practices leading to ENLIGHTENMENT in modern times)Those people who reach the point in their searching and self mastery when they know that one can do only so much with the mind and that so much is never enough.True transformation comes from outside and behind the mind, actually comes when the mind exhausts itself (somehow dies as it feels like dying )
    I would like to add that English is my second language and not always I convey the full meaning of what I want to express.

    I know that there is need to practice and practicing is in exactly opposite direction to what we think we should be doing (or not doing)
    And for this reason we need our centres.

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